2020 Goals Review

Okay so, it's been just over a year since my 'Goals for 2019 so far' post. I really should write these in December/January rather than March but why follow the social norms (I just have terrible time management but don’t worry about itttt). Last year I set myself a bunch of goals in order to... Continue Reading →

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Goals for 2019 so far

So as everybody does, at the start of this year I set myself some New Years resolutions. This post is just a bit of self-reflection and reassurance, but also to empower all of my readers in saying that; if I can do this, so can any of you! We got this💪🏼💅🏼 Get in good shape... Continue Reading →

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Carrie (2013) – Film Review

Carrie was originally published as a novel in 1974 by novelist Stephen King. The film (1976) was written by Lawrence D. Cohen, produced by Paul Monash and directed by Brian De Palma. That original film starred Sissy Spacek, Amy Irving and the ‘one and only’ John Travolta. Kimberly Peirce took both the film and the... Continue Reading →

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